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Cost Savings

Solar Geysers

Can a solar geyser really save you money? Yes, having a professionally installed Totally Solar geyser system has saved many of our clients significant amounts off their monthly electrical costs!

About us

About Solar Geysers

Solar Water Heating

Solar water heating is the ideal supplementary energy solution. It’s eco-friendly and saves you money in the long run. Totally Solar has more than 20 years experience in solar technology. And we’d like to share it with you.

Pool and Spa has been selling Totally Solar Geysers for 6 years.  Pool & Spa is the official agent for Totally Solar in Louis Trichardt and Polokwane.

With our service guaranteed, our technology tried and tested, we as Pool & Spa Agents for Totally Solar can proudly claim to be one of the leading solar distributors and installers of solar hot water geysers in Louis Trichardt and Polokwane.


Our Systems

Totally Solar has chosen the Evacuated Tube System (EVT) as its preferred system of choice.  By combining the tube technology and the corrosive-free tanks to give our clients what we feel is the best technology.

Totally Solar collectors use the most common “twin glass tube”. This type of tube is chosen for its reliability, performance and low manufacturing costs.


Our Products

High Pressure Systems

Totally Solar high pressure geysers come in 150lt, 200lt, 300lt and 400lt.

There are two types of installations; Standard and Split Configuration.  Split Configuration is when the tank and panel are separate, whereas Standard they are installed together as a unit


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